Youth Protection Training

Our pack goal is for every family have one parent who has completed Youth Protection Training.  It takes approximately 30 minutes and can be completed from your home computer.  

You do not have to be a registered member or have a member ID to take Youth Protection training.

To take Youth Protection training go to  and create an account.

From the portal, click on E-Learning and take the Youth Protection training.

Upon completion, you may print a certificate of completion to submit with a volunteer application or submit the completion certificate to the Committee Chair, Stephanie Jucksch.

Step-by-Step Instructions

 go to  and create an account

Choose "I am new and don't know my ID"

Once your account is created you will receive a confirmation email.

Click through the confirmation email to create your password.  

Log in to your MyScouting account

Scroll down to find the Youth Protection Training.
Click on the "Take Youth Protection Training Button"

Scroll down to find the list of courses.  
Under the tab "General" click "Take Course"

This course will take about 30-40 minutes and can be completed in one sitting.  Please print your certificate and give it to the committee chair or pack trainer.

Congratulations!  You are Youth Protection Certified.