Volunteer Training

Training is a critical foundation for all Scouting Volunteers. Being trained helps us to be prepared for all the adventures Scouting throws our way, keeps us in compliance with Scouting regulations, and helps enable a more enjoyable Cub Scouting experience.

You Need To Know

If you have signed up to be a volunteer, most all of your Training can be found online at: 

The BSA Online Learning Center, sponsored by the Boy Scouts of America national organization, allows you to set up a profile and track your training through a simple web interface. It's really easy!

Remember that the FIRST training all volunteers must take is Youth Protection Training (See below). If you have just signed up to be a volunteer, you can take this training online even before you have your official Volunteer number! 

If you have any questions about Training, feel free to contact Nate Brown our Pack Trainer.

Why Training?

To be fully trained and earn the Trained Leader emblem, a new leader must complete basic training in the following order: 

  1. Youth Protection Training: New leaders are required to take Youth Protection training before submitting an application for registration. The certificate of completion for this training must be submitted at the time the application is made and before volunteer service with youth begins. Youth Protection Training must be completed every two years to remain current. 
  2. Fast Start Training for their volunteer position 
  3. Leader Position-Specific Training: Fully trained leaders changing leadership roles should take the Leader Position-Specific Training for their new position. 
  4. Orientation Training: This is Scouting

Youth Protection Training

The Youth Protection program has been developed to help safeguard both our youth and adult members. Published and videotaped materials have been prepared to give parents and leaders information on the resources available for educating our membership about child abuse - how to avoid it, how to identify it, and how to deal with it.

The materials are designed to give parents and their children basic information that will increase their awareness and sense of personal power to assist in their own self-protection.

Parents: Pack 360 strongly encourages all Parents to take this training. It can be done on-line in about 30 minutes.

Leaders: At least one registered adult who has completed BSA Youth Protection training must be present at all events and activities that require a tour permit. In addition, Boy Scouts of America policy requires at least two adult leaders on all camping trips and tours. All registered adults participating in any nationally conducted event or activity must have completed BSA Youth Protection training.

Tour Permits: It is now mandatory that every tour permit submitted to the Verdugo Hills Council must have at least one adult leader on the trip with current Youth Protection Certification listed on the application. When submitting the tour permit in person at the Council Service Center, you will be required to show a Youth Protection Certification card with expiration date. If submitting by fax, a copy of both sides of the Youth Protection Certification card must accompany the application. The certification cards are valid for two years from the date of training. 

Tour permits are required to be filed at VHC two weeks prior to each trip date. Local Tour Permit forms are available for download from the council Website, or simply click the following link. www.vhcbsa.org/forms/index.htm.

Training Options: Youth Protection Training is offered in three formats. The first is the new online version. Simply click this link http://olc.scouting.org/ to get started. Have your BSA membership number available to log in for credit.

If you are not a registered adult with a BSA membership number, you can sign up for an account at https://myscouting.scouting.org to take Youth Protection (or any of the other on-line training courses). If you sign up with a member number, then ScoutNet keeps track of your training courses.

The second option is to attend the Youth Protection Training class. These classes are offered throughout the year by the VHC Training Committee. Visit the council website athttp://vhcbsa.org/training/protect.htm for a list of classes. 

The third training option is for a Training Committee member to come to your location and offer the training to a group of six or more pack leaders/parents at your convenience. Contact Pierre Landry at landryph@aol.com for this option.

We trust that you will all find this training helpful and reassuring.